OpenSky World has a close relationship with Blackshape Aircraft Corporation based in Monopoli, Italy.
Blackshape has developed its own range of highly acclaimed trainer aircraft currently in production.
The aircraft have exceptional performance capabilities and are ideal training aircraft for both the civil and military markets.


The Blackshape Prime is a high-performance two-seater ultralight aircraft designed for enthusiasts who value both quality and safety. With a focus on delivering an exceptional flying experience, the Prime offers superior flight performance, while also being engineered with safety in mind.
Crafted using innovative materials, including high-quality pre-preg carbon fiber, the Prime is not only sleek and sporty in design, but also lightweight and incredibly strong. The meticulous attention to detail by our skilled team at every stage of the manufacturing process ensures that every Prime that leaves our premises meets the highest quality standards.


The Blackshape Gabriél, a masterpiece of Italian design and engineering. Born from a commitment to excellence, the Gabriél stands as a testament to dedication to providing pilots with an unparalleled flying experience. Whether for a private pilot or running a flight school, the Gabriél offers a variant tailored to client's needs. The Blackshape Gabriél rises to every challenge, with a state-of-the-art glass cockpit environment and intuitive controls.

Whether for navigating cityscapes, exploring the open skies, or racing across rugged terrain, the Blackshape Gabriél offers unmatched maneuverability and responsiveness.
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