Our History

RUS Aviation is a trusted air cargo service provider in the Middle East recognized for its high quality and efficient solutions, along with its large experience in the cargo movement industry.

Established in 1999 in Sharjah, UAE, the company operates cargo services within the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, China and CIS countries.
Over that last decade, RUS Aviation has moved huge volume of cargo and provided cost-effective solutions to a large number of customers, by leveraging its access to different types of freighters.

Since its early days, the company has always seized growth opportunities, and expanded the scope of its activities. In 2007 it started providing services as an airfreight consolidator and in 2009 it commenced scheduled cargo flights.

Unmatched Services

From air cargo charter to scheduled cargo flights to cargo acceptance and clearing, you name it, RUS Aviation will provide it. When it comes to air cargo solutions, the company has earned the trust of its clients as a comprehensive service provider in the following:
  • Air Cargo Charter
  • Air Freight on Scheduled Flights 
  • Cargo Consolidation Services
  • Aircraft Leasing

Air Cargo Charter

RUS Aviation is able to provide and operate various types of freighters depending on the customer’s requirements. Due to its commitment to maintain on-time performance, quick hassle-free delivery and cost-effective solutions RUS Aviation has become a trusted and reliable air cargo charter operator.

We have constant accessibility to Western palletized freighters allowing time efficiency and fast turnaround to bulk loading freighters that are fitted with built-in high capacity cranes allowing
smooth handling of out-sized cargo and self-handling at short airstrips. Pressurized and Non-Pressurized cargo compartments allow transportation of livestock, medical supplies, temperature
controlled cargo and perishables. 

Apart from general cargo it is always ready to deliver heavy and outsize cargo, oil and gas equipment, humanitarian relief and governmental cargo, dangerous goods and valuable cargo.

RUS Aviation is professional in managing Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations by urgent delivery of spares and required equipment. The operational support of RUS Aviation flights is provided by the
Flight Operations team, consisting of licensed, well-qualified and experienced personnel. The team provides all kinds of clearances, flight planning and up-to-date NOTAMs and weather reports to its
crew 24/7, constantly tracking our aircraft and your cargo. 

As it does its own complete flight support through its systemized flight operations team, RUS Aviation is able to easily procure necessary traffic rights on short notice requests, helping to meet the most stringent deadlines.