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When we began operations in 2009, our aim was to take more people, to more places, more often. We now fly to more than 90 destinations and continue to open up new and untapped markets across the GCC & Middle East, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, the Subcontinent and North & East Africa. And through our interline partners, we have more than 200 destinations worldwide.

flydubai Cargo is a simple, accessible and affordable service which uses SkyChain, a fully-integrated air cargo management solution, to ensure you have accurate, up-to-date information about your shipments (through shipment tracking) from drop-off to delivery.

So why not use flydubai Cargo to get your goods to more places, more often. We offer the following types of cargo service:
General | Priority | Perishable | Valuable | Courier | Mail
And where necessary, based on your requirements, we use customised solutions to deliver any type of cargo to any destination on our network and beyond.

Ready to deliver

Ready to deliver
general cargo

Almost anything goes with General Cargo:
electronics, textiles, spare parts, personal effects
and everything in between. With fully-automated
warehouse storage and retrieval systems which
offer real-time information, optimum space utilisation, improved transit times and cost efficiencies, our General Cargo service is an
affordable transport solution for all types of goods.

Ready to deliver
priority cargo

Need to get something somewhere fast? flydubai
Cargo has airport-to-airport transportation to
meet the distribution needs of time-sensitive and urgent shipments. Priority Cargo is guaranteed to travel on the flight you’ve booked. If it doesn’t, you get to enjoy General Cargo rates

Ready to deliver
perishable cargo

flydubai Cargo works with Dubai Flower Centre to
ensure the express handling of perishable goods. Using a temperature-controlled warehouse, along with other protective measures, the quality of your goods is preserved right from pick-up to delivery.

Ready to deliver
valuable cargo

From the moment of acceptance, right through
to final delivery, your valuables such as gold, bank notes, fine art, jewellery and other property or documents of substantial value are in safe hands. Along with 24-hour surveillance, specially developed containers and secure storage areas ensure the highest levels of security for your valuables.

Ready to deliver

Catering to the express delivery needs of courier
companies and air integrators, our courier product provides airport-to-airport transportation of express documents and packaged boxes. Our courier product benefits from high loading priority, short acceptance cut-off times at origin and high delivery priority at destination.

Ready to deliver

Designed in line with Universal Postal Union
regulations to ensure we meet the individual
requirements of local and global postal authorities, our mail product can help accelerate the delivery of mail bags containing letters and parcels across the flydubai network and beyond. The SkyChain system can also track and trace mail bags throughout the transportation chain.

Ready to deliver

customised solutions